Child Support Matters

All about Child Support Matters

Child Maintenance refers to the regular financial provisions made to offset a child’s daily living costs.

Even in the event of a breakdown in communication between the mother and father, both parents remain responsible for the child’s welfare.

Arranging Maintenance

The Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission list two methods of arranging child maintenance:

  • Private
  • Statutory (legal)

Therefore, arranging Child Maintenance privately does not require official coordination or legal intervention.

However, if you encounter a breakdown in communication, or if special arrangements need to be made with regards to on-going or stand out payments toward education or healthcare for example, PMC Family Law is here to help.

Calculating Child Support

Calculating child support begins with taking into account the incomes of those with Parental Responsibility – including considerations such as top-up maintenance payments for high income earners.

Allowances will be made to account for overnight stays where applicable, and factors such as the number of children involved and school fees will be brought into the equation.

Suitable payment options can be discussed, and you may be eligible for government aid.

If you are unsure about issues regarding Child Support, contact our professional and friendly Family Law team today – we are experts in Family Law.