Cohabitation Disputes

All about Cohabitation Disputes

Cohabitation refers to couples choosing to live together who are not married or part of a civil partnership.

In the case of cohabitation disputes, it is often mistakenly believed that financial contributions towards the upkeep and running of the home, as well as contributions toward child care, will mean equal rights during Cohabitation Disputes.

This is not the case, a court of law will always favour the individual registered to the property.

How PMC Family Law Can Help You

In certain cases, the courts may rule that the unregistered cohabitee may have an interest in the property, known as ‘implied intention’.

Implied intention can be difficult to prove. An example is where a joint bank account has been set up to pay for a mortgage, normally in conjunction with a marriage proposal. If you think you may have a case for implied intention, we can offer you expert advice regarding:

  • Financial Disputes
  • Separation Agreements regarding Children
  • Separation Agreements regarding Property

Another primary cause of Cohabitation Dispute stems from a situation where a property is registered jointly under two names. In such cases, PMC Family Law can give professional advise on:

  • Access Rights
  • Buying out the cohabitee
  • Affecting a sale of your half of the property

If you are experiencing a cohabitation dispute, our professional and friendly Family Law team is here to help. For advice regarding any of the issues above, or for further information contact PMC Family Law today.