All about Divorce

PMC Family Law offer clients a full complement of services regarding Divorce proceedings.

We are Family Law specialists, with a deep understanding of tangential issues such as Child Support, Child Arrangements Orders, and Change of Name – we promise to fight for the best interests of you and your family.

Filing for Divorce

To qualify for a Divorce, your marriage must be legally recognised in England and Wales and you are required to have been married for at least one year.

Other stipulations regarding the Divorce process include:

  • You must file a petition for divorce. This is the first step in gaining permission to divorce your spouse. You will be asked to detail the reasons.
  • If your spouse agrees to the divorce, you will receive documentation known as a Decree Nisi. You are then obliged to undergo a 6 week cooling off period.
  • In cases where a spouse is of unknown whereabouts or where a spouse does not agree to the divorce, you may require expert tailored legal assistance.
  • Once the above requirements have been met, you may apply for a Decree Absolute. This decree brings your marriage to an end.

Although you may think your Divorce will be straight forward, major sticking points and unforeseen contentious issues could halt proceedings.

Why Involve the Family Law Experts?

PMC Family Law can advise upon all aspects of the Divorce process, offering qualified and expert guidance regarding:

  • Division of Finances
  • Division of Possessions
  • Division of Real Estate/Property
  • Issues where children are involved

We strive to give clear and concise advice, arming you with the expert knowledge you need to make fully informed intelligent decisions regarding your future and the future of your family.