Pre-Civil Partnerships Agreements

All about Pre-Civil Partnerships Agreements

Same-sex couples may wish to enter into a Pre-Civil Partnership Agreement, which acts in place of a Prenuptial Agreement.

This means that should the Civil Partnership end in separation, a Pre-Civil Partnership Agreement may be used to help decide the allocation of wealth and finances.

Recent changes to the law regarding the conversion of a Civil Partnership into Marriage are not yet in effect – for the most up to date information on this, contact our experienced Family Law team today.

Pre-Civil Partnerships under UK Law

Pre-Civil Partnership Agreements are currently not binding under UK Law. However, they are effectively upheld as legal contracts providing certain criteria have been met, such as:

  • Full Financial Disclosure – both parties must make known all relevant financial details, including income, assets, and pension entitlement.
  • Independent Legal Advice – both parties must be represented by solicitors acting independently from one another
  • 21 Days Cooling Off Period – any Pre-Civil Partnership Agreement must be completed at least 21 days before the Civil Partnership ceremony.

Further stipulations include provisos for both parties to have signed the agreement willingly, and for neither party to benefit significantly more than the other from any settlement.

If you are unsure about the law regarding a Pre-Civil Partnership Agreement, PMC Family Law can help you.

Whether you wish to enter into a Pre-Civil Partnership Agreement or you are involved in a dispute over an existing contract, our expert Family Law team is here to ensure your rights are protected.