Financial matters

posted: 11th June 2018

A daunting question many people ask themselves when considering whether to instruct a solicitor is whether they can afford legal fees.

At PMC Family Law we understand that costs are always a consideration and aim to keep our clients fees as reasonable and proportionate as possible.

Regardless of whether you instruct us to act on your behalf in relation to your relationship breakdown, children matters, divorce or financial matters ancillary thereto you will be provided with cost estimates from the outset of your case.

Whilst we cannot always predict what disbursements i.e. payment to a third party such as experts will be required, we always aim to be as accurate as possible when it comes to our cost estimates.

Here at PMC Family Law we appreciate the prospect of incurring legal fees can be overwhelming. With this in mind, we provide each of our client’s with an invoice each month so as to ensure that their legal fees are more manageable. To further assist, we also allocate each individual piece of work on our clients’ files to the appropriate level of fee earner. This means that our clients have the peace of mind of knowing that whilst a senior fee earner overviews their file, they are not always being charged at that senior fee earner’s rate.

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By: Lindsey Potter - Paralegal