What Our Clients Are Saying:

“Pauline McNamara was a personal recommendation, we needed expert advice on a complex multi-jurisdictional court settlement challenge. Pauline received documents from us, an initial briefing – evaluated them and made strong and salient points, recommendations and directed us in our endeavours to conclude. This included releasing material and identifying relevant case studies to support our cause. It was a shame she could not act on our behalf overseas, as I’m confident we would have secured a more speedy and beneficial settlement with her representing us. I would have no hesitation in recommending Pauline/PMC – they have delivered prompt and professional services at all times.”

“Prior to seeking legal advice, I was apprehensive and rather anxious, Pauline and John were instantly reassuring and put me at ease.

The service I received was exceptional and all of the legal team were extremely supportive through a difficult divorce.  I couldn’t have asked for a better service.  Thank you Pauline, John and team.”

“I cannot praise PMC Family Law highly enough. Despite the fact that mine was a relatively small-scale case, in terms of division of assets, the attention I received was first-rate. Although this was always going to be a professional relationship, I felt that Pauline McNamara actually did take a real personal interest in the case, regarding getting the best deal for me as a challenge and a matter of some personal pride! Moreover, the skills available to her through the other members of her team, who were deployed to look after parts of the case, were also of the highest quality; something which, again, reflected her confidence in those she had selected to become her protégés, and whose skills reflected her training. Her no-nonsense approach (frequently and with no hesitation, reminding me of the realities of the situation!) was instrumental in arriving at an acceptable, fair conclusion. In my mind, I return frequently to something she said at our first meeting when I asked about her fees, suggesting that she wouldn’t be cheap; her response was, “I’m not cheap, but I’m good!”; however, it turned out that, as a result of her costings breakdown and her making use of other members of her team for the more mundane matters, the overall cost was less than that of my wife’s (nominally cheaper) solicitor. Anyone who is seeking a fair solution should go no further. Sadly, I cannot say that I look forward to using her again in the future, simply because I hope not to find myself in the same situation again!”

“professional, responsible, highly recommended  – a true team effort working for their clients benefit”

Dear Pauline and Jen, I wanted to thank you now that the divorce proceedings have concluded. The relationships you develop with your clients, certainly in my case, is like that of a close friend. You become aware of all sorts of intimate details of other people’s lives, and although this is the nature of the job, I can honestly say that I felt like I was being advised by people who were really on my side. I really appreciated the no-nonsense approach and can honestly say that you were worth every penny. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you both good luck for the future.

“I would like to thank you Renn so much for all the time and effort you put into my case really appreciate how you kept the costs down and mainly got us the best outcome.. So happy with the result of knowing me and the children are secure for the next 16 years. I would highly recommend you to anyone in my position as you have been fantastic.”

“Just wanted to say thank you for everything, you’ve been so helpful and a great support throughout this, as well as being kick ass solicitors!”

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you [Pauline], Jennifer and the team for all your efforts and for being so nice and making the process as straightforward as possible. I have not been the easiest client to deal with, causing unnecessary delays at the beginning, but this was my way of gaining some control over the situation. I’m glad my friend recommended you; I really appreciated all your prompt responses and invaluable advice (not always taken I know). I hope I don’t need your services again in the future! It’s a hard lesson to learn and one not to be repeated!

“John – we can’t thank you enough. My only regret is not sticking to our guns in November but you live and learn.

Kevin was absolutely amazing (I think I actually love him!) From the minute we stepped into the briefing this morning we knew we’d made the right choice to go with him – thank you again for that. He was absolutely brilliant right through to finalising the consent order this afternoon, could not have asked for more.

We have just arrived home and are about to walk out for a chilled glass (or bottle) of New Zealand Sauvignon!

We’ll keep you updated once the move is all sorted just as a final goodbye, case closed and job done!

Thank you x”

“I felt I should write to thank you for all your support. I realise I have been most fortunate to achieve the offer awarded. Although it always seemed fair, as the pot grew, more than I ever thought, maintenance became a ‘luxury’ rather than a ‘need’. I could see I would have to accept any outcome but I do feel the judge was very thorough and understood the overall situation. Giving evidence was not as bad as I thought either. All in all, this has been a personal win for the family, which will give me choices in life and mean I do not feel outmanoeuvred by other powerful personalities. I am also far more confident to handle financial matters now.”