posted: 28th November 2016

When I entered PMC Family’s Law’s offices in February 2015 I was completely broken. I felt like my life had begun to resemble a train wreck and I was scared stiff at the prospect of the divorce process. Pauline McNamara had come highly recommended and when I met her and her colleague Caroline Hamilton I could see why. I was greeted by two courteous, polite and straight-talking powerhouses and I knew there and then I wanted them to represent me.

When the world, as you once knew it, has just exploded you need professionals on your side. PMC Family Law guided me throughout one of the most painful experiences of my life and I would recommend them to anyone who is in my position.  Getting a divorce is consuming, it becomes like a full time job, but with the help of a caring, compassionate and highly knowledgeable team I was immediately put at ease and felt supported before, during and after my divorce.

My divorced was made final in June 2016 and felt extremely lucky with my divorce settlement. I managed to keep the family home and get a monthly settlement from my ex-husband. Both Pauline, Caroline and their team worked tirelessly on my behalf and in my opinion, had I gone elsewhere, I’m sure I would have lost my home as my ex-husbands behaviour shocked me to the core.

Since I got divorced I’m now a much stronger, happier, capable person and I’m proud of everything that I have done. Being a divorcee has given me the platform to say that there is light at the end of the tunnel – something I wouldn’t have thought possible before enlisting the help of PMC Family Law back in February 2015.