Sunshine days are ahead

posted: 15th September 2016

When you think life can’t get any darker; your whole world has been turned upside down; and your concerns are for the future and welfare of your children this is what divorce brings to you physically and mentally.  In reality PMC can help, they accompanied me on my journey, reassuring me all the way what was in my best interest.  When all communications broke down, the volume of information I had to provide in order to demonstrate my case was intense but looking back it has all been worth it.  The light has been turned on at the end of the tunnel and I now am free of the situation that has dragged me down for the past 2½ years.

It’s time for my new life to begin with the financial package that PMC helped me secure.  At the forefront of communications they reminded me of what was important – and that was my daughter which gave me the strength to carry on for justice.

Our lives have changed – but they are better for having the support of Caroline Hamilton and her team.

So hang on in there and trust the advice the PMC team offer – they will be working in your best interest I can assure you of that.  Sunshine days are ahead.