testimonial 5

posted: 16th October 2017

I cannot praise PMC Family Law highly enough. Despite the fact that mine was a relatively small-scale case, in terms of division of assets, the attention I received was first-rate. Although this was always going to be a professional relationship, I felt that Pauline McNamara actually did take a real personal interest in the case, regarding getting the best deal for me as a challenge and a matter of some personal pride! Moreover, the skills available to her through the other members of her team, who were deployed to look after parts of the case, were also of the highest quality; something which, again, reflected her confidence in those she had selected to become her protégés, and whose skills reflected her training. Her no-nonsense approach (frequently and with no hesitation, reminding me of the realities of the situation!) was instrumental in arriving at an acceptable, fair conclusion. In my mind, I return frequently to something she said at our first meeting when I asked about her fees, suggesting that she wouldn’t be cheap; her response was, “I’m not cheap, but I’m good!”; however, it turned out that, as a result of her costings breakdown and her making use of other members of her team for the more mundane matters, the overall cost was less than that of my wife’s (nominally cheaper) solicitor. Anyone who is seeking a fair solution should go no further. Sadly, I cannot say that I look forward to using her again in the future, simply because I hope not to find myself in the same situation again!