Change Of Name

All about Change Of Name

Estimates released by Deed Poll show 58,000 people changed their name in the UK, 2011.

This is a substantial increase from the 5,000 recorded name changes a decade earlier.

What is a Deed Poll?

A Deed Poll is a legal contract signed by one person in the presence of witnesses.

The purpose is to legally bind the signatory to the course of action detailed within the document – in this case, a change of name.

Why Change Your Name?

Some of the more common motivations include:

  • Religious reasons
  • Marriage/Divorce (Please see below)
  • Transsexuals as part of gender reassignment
  • Entertainers who wish to adopt a stage name
  • Couples choosing to adopt a double-barrelled surname
  • People altering their name to make it easier to pronounce

People born or legally adopted in Scotland must apply for a change of name through the General Register Office – if this affects you, contact us today for professional advice.

Marriage and Divorce

A Deed Poll is not required in cases of marriage – the bride may alter her driving licence and passport free of charge.

Following a divorce, not all organisations will alter a married name back to a maiden name unless a Deed Poll is produced.

Changing a Child’s Name

If Parental Responsibility for the child rests with more than one parent or guardian, consent from all parties must be gained prior to changing the child’s name.

If you are considering a change of name, either for yourself or a child in your care, and you would like expert and impartial legal advice, contact PMC Family Law today – we specialise in Family Law.