Child Arrangements Orders

All about Child Arrangements Orders

In cases of divorce or separation involving children, Child Arrangements Orders may be issued to help settle parental disputes. PMC Family Law are here to listen to your individual circumstances, and to tailor solutions based on protecting the best interests of you and your family.

Specific Issue Orders

Where certain aspects of a child’s upbringing require long-term decisions to be made, you may wish to apply for a Specific Issue Order to protect those decisions.

Examples of when a Specific Issue Order may be used include:

  • Approving which school the child should attend
  • Deciding if the child should receive a religious education

If you wish to block or prevent your partner from making decisions without your consent regarding your child’s upbringing, you may wish to apply for a Prohibited Steps Order – we are here to explain the options available to you in plain English.

If you have any questions about Child Arrangements Orders, contact PMC Family Law today for expert and impartial advice – we are specialists in Family Law.