International Child Abduction Issues

All about International Child Abduction Issues

When a relationship breaks down and the decision is taken to separate, contention over child custody may arise if the parents or legal guardians reside in different countries.

A criminal offence occurs when a parent or guardian chooses to unlawfully relocate the child without gaining consent from all those with Parental Responsibility.

International Child Abduction Law

Broadly speaking, International Child Abduction describes a situation where:

  • A child is taken abroad without the prior consent from all parents or legal guardians
  • A child is retained abroad beyond the duration agreed by all parents or legal guardians

In most cases, the widespread international adoption of The Hague Abduction Convention and the Brussels II Regulation serves as a lawful basis for the prompt repatriation of children.

However, some countries are exempt from these laws. Denmark, for example, chooses to opt-out of the Brussels II Regulation, and Pakistan regulates its International Child Abduction matters through the Pakistan Protocol.

How PMC Family Law Can Help You

Some common concerns with which we can offer professional advice include:

  • Children retained abroad
  • Bringing your child into the UK
  • Contact with your child abroad has been denied
  • Anxieties that a situation may develop wherein your child is retained abroad

We can also help with locating a child, even if the child was originally taken abroad and is now suspected to be back on UK soil.

If you are unsure about international child abduction law, contact PMC Family Law today – our experienced Family Law department offers clients authoritative advice and substantial support in resolving these matters.