Removal from jurisdiction

All about Removal from jurisdiction

“The constant developments in technology, the variety of overseas job opportunities, the ever increasing frequency of airline and budget travel airlines, the world is becoming a much smaller and accessible place.

Further to this idea of “transnational parenting” is becoming a popular phenomenon for parents in the UK and the Courts have seen a vast increase in these types of cases.

Resolution estimates that there are on average 1200 of these types of cases processed through the Court each year and the number is rising.

How we at PMC Family Law can Help

At PMC Family Law we are leading experts in the removal from jurisdiction / leave to remove cases.

At PMC Family Law we offer unrivalled support and advice to any parent considering making an Application for Removal from the jurisdiction / leave to remove or indeed a parent wishing to oppose such an Application.

The key to being successful in these types of cases should you be the parent wishing to relocate, is to plan out your proposed move meticulously.

A very detailed statement in support of your Application will need to be prepared.  This is where we atPMC Family Law can help.  By using our experience and expertise in these types of cases, we can assist you in preparing the best possible plan which will then form the basis of your case.

Should relocating to another country with your children be something you are considering, we atPMC Family Law can help you make and present the best possible case.

We offer a free initial consultation where we will be happy to discuss your plans with you and provide you wish some expert advice on what to do next and how the Court process works”.