Financial Arrangements

All about Financial Arrangements

Financial Arrangements following a breakdown in your relationship can prove a complex and time consuming matter, especially if poor communication prevents the necessary negotiations from going ahead smoothly.

Many factors are taken into account with respect to Financial Arrangements following either a Divorce or a Dissolution of Civil Partnership. These factors include age, the length of the relationship, assets, and any future earning potential.

It is important to seek expert legal advice to fully appreciate where you stand.

Professional Assistance

PMC Family Law specialise in safeguarding your current financial circumstances – we will act in your best interests, reaching a resolution that is suitable to both parties without the expense of involving the courts.

In some cases, individuals may go to lengths to prevent their partner from benefiting from joint assets. This could include selling off property and possessions without consent.

PMC Family Law can help you to protect your investments, and reach agreements on how to divide your assets and finances.

Benefits of Seeking Legal Advice

Seeking legal advice will give you the peace of mind that any agreements regarding financial arrangements cannot be broken in the future.

Our specialist Family Law team will go the extra mile in ensuring financial provisions are inclusive of any children or dependants.